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Brands know more about your psychology than you do.

Time to catch up.


As a Consumer in the Modern World…


It’s essential to understand how neuromarketing influences the way you think, act, feel, behave, buy, click, scroll, swipe, and share.

Together, a neuroscientist and marketer condensed the 6 most natural categories in neuromarketing in a 13-page e-book. Know more about your consumer behavior, so you can make decisions on your terms.



A Neuroscientist and a Marketer Walk Into A Bar...

The neuroscientist was Dr. Matt Johnson and the marketer was Professor Prince Ghuman, the authors of this blog.

The conversation centered around how intimately familiar big brands are with consumer psychology. And ironically, how little consumers know about their own psychology and behavior.

To bridge this knowledge gap, they created this neuro-marketing blog with the simple goal: to create consumer science content for consumers.


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